Delivery report tracking

After you have sent out invitations to your guests you have the ability to track the delivery progress. This allows you to confirm the delivery success of an invitation based on a variety of actions based on the following words. Why is my invitation marked as Dropped?

An email invitation will appear as 'Dropped' when your email contact has already excluded themselves (previously unsubscribed, previously marked an email you sent as spam) prior to the sent invitation.

Why is my invitation marked as Bounced?

When an email invitation appears as 'Bounced' it means we have attempted to deliver the invitation but the recipient's email address is invalid or no longer in use. Typically the domain name (the bit after the @) no longer exists or it no longer has registered mail servers.

Why is my invitation Marked as Spam?

Every recipient server is different and may apply different spam filtering criteria for the messages being received. In most cases, recipient servers don't provide any information about spam filtering to the sender of an email that was filtered.

What does Delivered mean?

This means your email invitation was delivered to the recipient. The invite has been sent and accepted by the recipient's email server.

What does Opened mean?

This means the email invitation has been opened by the recipient.

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