Invites - A quick start guide

A simple step-by-step guide to sending great e-invites!

  • Create an event in Qflow (you may have already done this).
  • Upload a guest list including email addresses for each guest.
  • IMPORTANT: You will be prompted to add a list tag prior to final upload. This creates an invite group for this list of guests. This group tag can be selected as a send option for your invite along with any other uploaded or created guest group Tags. 
  • Select the INVITE button on the event page.
  • Name your invite and select the CREATE INVITATION button
  • Elect to add optional barcodes and/or a RSVP button to your invite.
  • Upload your event image.
  • Add your invite text. This can be pasted in or written from scratch.
  • Personalise your invite using Smart Fields.

You have a number of rich text options including the powerful SMART FIELDS feature (the blue lightning icon). By selecting the icon you can personalise the invite based on a number of event / guest attributes including event name, event start and end time, guest name, guest tags etc.
  • Use the colour picker to match your logo to the mailer theme.
  • Select the SENDING OPTIONS button when you're happy with the look of your invite.
  • Create an email subject line for your invite.
  • Select between a mobile friendly (HTML) invite or a standard pdf attachment.
  • Send yourself a test (optional but advisable)
  • Select the SELECT RECIPIENTS buttons. You'll then have two send options:
  • SEND TO A LIST OR GROUP (TAGS) - click inside the field marked SELECT and add one or more of your event tags. This allows you to send invites based on all or segmented groups of your guest list
  • SEND TO A NEW GUEST AND SEND THEM THIS INVITE - add in the guest name, their email address and group tags (optional).
  • Check the send details are correct and select the SEND NOW button.
  • Your invites are now on their way with delivery reports shown in real time!

*Please note - if the barcode option was selected all your invite barcode data is automatically added to your guest data ready for scanning via the check-in app. If your guest data already includes barcodes the invite system will not over write the existing barcode data.

RESEND INVITES  - once an invite as been sent to a guest a one click resend option becomes available in the lower part of the guest profile within the event on the web dashboard.

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