Smart Fields - How to personalise your invite

Smart Fields are a quick and powerful way of personalising and segmenting your invites.

In a few clicks you can add any of the available event / guest's attributes including:
  • Event name, date & time (start and end time), address.
  • Company name.
  • Guest name (first and/or last name).
  • Guest email, tags (status ID's etc), barcode number and additional information.
Step 1 - Place your cursor inside the invite text box where you'd like to insert your event / guest attributes. 
Step 2 - Click on the SMART FIELDS (the blue lightening icon).
Step 3 - Hover over and click the required event / guest attribute from the drop down.
Step 4 - Your chosen smart field will appear!

PLEASE NOTE: Your invite is previewed live on the righthand side. You can also click the preview to enlarge. This will help you in terms of editing the copy to look as expected after adding SmartFields.
You can repeat this process with all available event / guest related smart fields for the connected event.

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