Manual searching, updating and admitting a guest

1. Select the Guest list tab from the menu to access the guest search page.

2. Select inside the search bar and begin entering the guests name or initials.

3. You will see results appear based on each letter / initials you enter. Continue entering guest details until the required name appears shortlisted in the search results.

4. Select the guests name to open their status page. On the status page you can check against there status information and admit any associated plus ones.

5. Select the Check in button to admit the guest.

a. Checking in / out a guest's plus one - Select the '+' and '-' buttons in the Plus Ones section to check in and check out a guest's plus ones.

b. Look up / adding notes to a guest's additional information -  Select the Edit / view additional info bar in the Additional info area to display a guest's additional info.

To create or add further to a guest's Additional info - Touch inside the additional info box and add text. 

Please note - notes are automatically saved once added. To return to the guests status page you must select the Back button situated in the top left of the page. 

d. To add an existing tag to a guest - Select the blue Edit tags button and select a tag from the list displayed. The tag will now display within the guest profile area.

e. To create and add a guest tag - Select the blue Edit tags button and select the Create new Tag button. Enter the name of the tag and select Add. The tag will now display within the guest profile area.

f. To delete a guests tag - Simply select the blue cross on the right hand side of the tag you would like to delete and confirm by selecting yes from the pop up.

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