How do I change the Qflow app settings?

To access your Qflow app settings screen select the MORE tab.

You can set up your check in routine to suit your preferences.

Toggle each mode to alter your check in work flow.

Auto return to list after check-in
This is enabled by default and sets the screen to return to the TAP TO SCAN or GUEST LIST screen moments after the guest has been checked in via a scan or by being admitted manually.

Compatibility mode
Although scanning is slower, this mode enables PDF417, AZTEC, CODE93, CODABAR and GS 1 DATABAR barcode scanning.

Disable sound
If enabled, the check in and warning sounds are disabled.

Enable log streaming
This is useful if you are experiencing problems. Our support agents will request this option to be turned on.

Hide barcoded guests in guest list
Guests with barcodes are displayed by default in the guest list. Some users prefer that barcoded guests can only be checked in using the scanner and not through the guest list. Enable this feature to hide barcoded guests from the guest list.

Offline mode
This stops app syncing with the cloud.

Search additional info
If enabled, a full text search is also included when performing standard search. 

Search by last name / first name
If enabled, guests are displayed / search is performed by last name / first name.

Search email
If enabled, will search for a matching email.

Show all guests
If enabled, A-Z of guests is always shown.

Start on guest list page
If enabled, when you sign in you are automatically taken to guest the list page.

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