How do I create tally lists for my event?

1. Select the MY EVENTS tab to take you to your event listings page.
2. Access the event by clicking on the event title in the listings.   
3. Select the TALLIES button.
4. Add in the name of your tally list and select the CREATE TALLY button.
5. Your created tally will now appear listed and ready to use in the dedicated tallies pop up.

PLEASE NOTE: All your created tallies for this event will be available to use on the check-in app via the TALLIES text link in the header on the GUEST LIST tab page.

You can also check in tally guests on the web control dashboard by clicking the + and - BLUE BUTTONS to the left of the name in the Tallies pop up.

To DELETE a tally select the RED DELETE BUTTON next to the tally in question on the web control dashboard tallies pop up.

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