To access your Qflow app settings screen select the More tab.

You can set up your check in routine to suit your preferences and event chck-in requirements. This includes creating zoned check-in, deeper guest specific search results, enabling on screen prompts prior to validating a guest and more..

Toggle each mode to alter your check in work flow.

Settings Options

1. Apply filter to scans

This setting is for users who would like to check-in a zoned session. Once turned on the app will only scan barcodes that are specific to your applied filters. 

If you would like to filter your check-in device:

  • Go to the Guestlist tab
  • Select the top right hand Filter link. Here you'll find all available guest data filters based on your ticket types, tags, sessions etc.

2. Auto return to list after check-in

This is enabled by default and sets the screen to return to the Tap to scan or Guest list screen moments after the guest has been checked in via a scan or admitted manually.

3. Compatibility modeAlthough scanning is slower, this mode enables PDF417, AZTEC, CODE93, CODABAR and GS 1 DATABAR barcode scanning.

4. Disable soundIf enabled, the successful, duplicate scan and no barcode found device sounds check are disabled.

5. Display lastname first
Once enabled this setting will automatically display search results by your guests lastname on the Guestlist screen.

6. Enable log streamingThis is useful if you are experiencing problems. It allows our support agents to look closley into any reported issues.

7. Hide barcoded guests in guest listGuests with barcodes are displayed by default in the guest list. Some users prefer that barcoded guests can only be checked in using the scanner and not through the guest list. Enable this feature to hide barcoded guests from the guest list.

8. Offline mode
This stops the Qflow check-in app syncing with the cloud.

9. Search additional infoWhen enabled, a full text search of your guests Additional Information is also included as a search function.

10. Search by last name / first nameGuests are displayed / search is performed by last name / first name.

11. Search emailA text search will display results based on a guests email address.

12. Show all guestsAn A-Z of guests is always shown as a scrollable list on he Guestlist screen.

13. Skip the startup screenWe display Qflow promotional banners during the check-in app login process. You can bypass this by turning on this setting.

14. Start on guest list pageIf enabled, when you sign in you are automatically taken to guest the list page.

15. Validate prompt after scanThis is very useful for users who would like to acknowledge a guests check-in attributes prior to allowing them entry i.e table number, status etc.

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