A manual search is necessary is cases where a printed ticket cannot be scanned due to damage. In these cases you have the option to search by a customer's barcode details and/or by their name.

  1. Select the Scan tab followed by the Can't scan ticket link in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. You will see two pop up options appear in the lower area of the screen. Select Search by barcode number or Search by customer name / initials.

3. Enter the digits/ letters of the barcode or the full name of the customer you are searching for followed by the Ok button.

PLEASE NOTE: When searching by customer name be aware that group bookings can have multiple tickets under the same name. Please match and check in the unique barcode displayed in brackets against the guest name.

4. Tap on a guest name to check in them in manually.

Useful link: How to check-in a guest (check-in app)

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