1. Create a spreadsheet for your additional unnamed guests.
  2. Add the first guest name and accompanying attributes (ticket type, Tags etc).
  3. Duplicate this guest by copying and pasting or dragging the line item downwards until you have created the amount of additonal duplicate rows for the number of additional guests required.
  4. Repeat the above process for all other guests with additional guests.
  5. Upload the spreadsheet into your Qflow event.
  6. Please note: You well be required to tag this list. prior to importing. Please tag this list with an ID you can use at the point of sending the invite.
  7. Select the Invite button on the event in question. You will have a choice either send to an existing invite via the invite duplication option or you can create a new invite. 
  8. You can locate and send out your invites to the additional guests in question using the ID tag added during th upload process. 

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