This routine allows you to upload multiple instances of the same guest across multiple sessions and check them in using the same barcode.

Web dashboard - data admin and importing guest data

  • Upload each set of session data individually into your event. PLEASE NOTE - For guests attending more than one session please make sure to duplicate the guests unique barcode across each set of session data.
  • Prior to final data upload you will be required to add a tag. Please add a unique session tag during each upload. This will allow you to filter each check-in device to the correct zone prior to check-in.

Check-in app set up (checking in guests by specific session zone)

  • Log into your event.
  • Go to the Guestlist tab.
  • Select the Filter text link top right.
  • Select Deselect all.
  • Toggle the appropriate zone tag to the On position.
  • Go back to the Scan screen and commence check-in.

To check in the next session

  • Go to the Filter page via the Guestlist tab.
  • Deselect the completed session zone tag by toggling to the Off position.
  • Toggle the next session zone tag to the On position.
  • Go back to the Scan page and commence check-in.

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