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Qflow for events - Invitations
Qflow for events Invites - A quick start guide
Qflow for events Invites - A quick start guide

Simple step by step guide to sending great invites!

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  • Upload a guest list including guest email addresses. 

  • At the end of the importing process you wi

  • ll be requested to add a tag to your list. This ID tag allows you segment this list of guests. This is important for indepth attendee statistics and giving you the option to send Invites only to this list of guests..

  • Select the Invite button on the event page.

  • Enter a name for your invite and select the Create Invitation button.

  • OPTIONAL: Select the Add barcodes tick box and/or the RSVP tick box to unique to guest barcodes and/or a RSVP button within your email invite.

  • Upload your invite header image i.e your company / event logo.

  • Add your invite text. This can be pasted in or written from scratch using the rich text edit (not dissimilar to how Microsoft Word functions).


IMPORTANT - You have a number formatting options too including our powerful Smart fields feature (the blue lightning icon in the header editor options). By selecting this icon you can choose from a range of guest and event attributes which will help personalise your invite. 

To add a Smart field:

  • Place your cursor in the text area where you would like to add the Smart field attribute and then select the appropriate one from the Smart field icon drop down.


  • When you are happy with the invite design, scroll down to the lower area of the screen and select the Save and continue button on the right hand side.

  • Add an email subject line for your invite.

  • Update your email body text. This can be left as default text or you can update accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: You have the same rich text editor options including Smart fields here.

  • Select one of the tick boxes to send your invites as a mobile friendly HTML invite or a standard PDF attachment.

  • OPTIONAL: Send yourself a test. You can do this by adding your own email address in the right hand side box marked Email address. Select the Send Test button under this box to send the test invite. 

PLEASE NOTE: Test invite guest details are not displayed in your event statistics. They are simply to confirm your invite look and feel prior to the live send. 

  • When you're happy with your test invite, scroll down and select the Save and contiune button on the right hand side.

  • You will now be asked who you would like to send invites too. Click inside the white search box to display your available list segments. Select a segment (these are based on your group tags, ticket types, tession type etc).

PLEASE NOTE: You can send to a single segment or you can group together more than one segment and send the same invite to multiple groups in one send.

  • Select the Prepare to send button on the righthand side.

  • You will now be shown a preview of how many invites you are about to send. If the amount shown is not the expected amount of guests, you have the option to update the list segments by selecting the Back to select recepients button on the left hand side.  

  • Check the send figures are correct and select the Send now button.

  • Now watch your delivery report in real time!

PLEASE NOTE: If you elected to add barcodes during the invite creation process all your invite barcode data will be automatically added to your guest data ready for scanning.

If a guest already has a barcode added within their profile the system will not overwrite this barcode but will simply reproduce a matching barcode image and add it to their invite. 

Resending invites - There is an invite resend option available in the lower area of a guests profile.

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