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Adding a single guest to an event

How to manually add a single guest to an event on your Qflow for events web dashboard

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Creating single guests via the web dashboard.

  1. Select an event in your event listing by clicking on the event name.

  2. Select one of the Add Guest buttons.

  3. Type the full name of your guest within the pop up name field and select the Add Guest button. Your guest will then be added to your event.

(Optional) Adding additional guest information.

  1. Prefix - Add a guest prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Lord, Lady

  2. Other name - This field is generally used for a guest's middle name.

  3. Email - Add a guests email address. This is needed if you're sending e-invites.

  4. Tags - Adding a group ID tag to your guest is useful for group based attendee statistics.

  5. Guest notes - This field is for guest specific information such as Seat Number, ID number, Telephone number etc.

  6. Plus 1 - Add unnamed Plus 1 guests to your lead guests profile. These Plus 1 guests can be checked in along with the lead guest or individually without the lead guest present.

  7. Group checkin (tick box) - Tick this box if you'd like to checkin both the lead name and any Plus 1 guests during the lead name checkin process.

Qflow web dashboard - Creating a single guests

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