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Adding prefixes/titles (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Rt Hon, Lord) to your invite personalised inserts and check-in data.
Adding prefixes/titles (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Rt Hon, Lord) to your invite personalised inserts and check-in data.

A quick fire guide to managing your import data, how to add to your invite templates and how the checkin app search performs.

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Managing your guest data before importing into your Qflow event.

  • Add a prefix/title column in your guest data and populate the rows with your guest's prefix/title. Below example data sheet shows the prefix/title data in column A. We suggest adding a named column headers too. This will help during the import process.

Importing your guest data into your Qflow event (web dashboard)

  • Select the Guest button on your Qflow event

  • Select the Import Guests options.

  • Drag and drop your guest list file into the cloud icon box or navigate and open it from your computer.

  • Hover over and click the Start here link on the second row. This will grey out and omit the column header from being imported as a guest record.

  • Select the Prefix / Title option from the column matching drop down.

  • Select the Next Column button to continue import your data column by column.

Add personalised guest prefixes/titles on your invite templates.

During the Invite creation process you can include your guests prefix/title as a Smart field (personalised insert).

  • On the Invite creator text editor place and click your cursor where you'd like to insert a Smart field.

  • Select the Smart field blue lightening icon in the rich text editor header.

  • Select the Prefix / Title from the drop down options.

  • You'll see the Prefix / Title insert {{title}} appear where your cursor click was placed. You may need to add a space between the {{title}} insert and name insert.

  • Click on the template preview image on the right hand side to preview your added Prefix/title insert.

Please note - Qflow uses the first name record in your uploaded guest list as a reference for the preview, so you'll need this guest to have a Prefix / Title to check your invite template preview formatting.

How your prefixed/titled guests are managed on the Qflow check-in app.

  • Your guests prefix/title is not added into the name search. This is to ensure accurate and concise search results.

  • The checkin host can tap on the name search result to access the guests profile. Here they can reference the guests full name including their prefix/title. The guest can also be checked in from here too.

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