We always strive to bring you cost effective high quality services and our badge printing service is no different. 

If you'd prefer to watch our quick start videos they're available here.

Although your guests will most likely print their badges at home (see Qflow for events badge printing home template), there is still a need for on-site badge printing.

Before you get started setting up Qflow for events Badge & Label Printing, download our sample PDF by clicking here (You'll need it later).

  1. You'll need a Qflow for events Professional subscription (Click here for subscriptions)

  2. You'll need a Brother label printer. You can get our tried and tested label printer from the links below at the great price.

  3. You'll need pre-printed blank badges (branded without the barcode or guest details). 

Once you have the 3 required items above, you'll need to follow the below instructions.

  1. Install the Brother label printer

  2. Setup your browser to instantly print a guest's badge

Once you've completed the above steps, you follow the below routine to print each guest's badge out when they arrive.

  1. Find the guest by searching for them on the event page (More info)

  2. Once you're in the guest's profile, click the print badge button.

  3. Attach the label to the pre-printed media.

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