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Designing your own HTML based e-invite
Designing your own HTML based e-invite

A short description showing how to opt for an HTML design including QR code manipulation

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  • Select the blue Invite button on your Qflow for events web dashboard event page.

  • Create and invite or select an invite from your invite listing.

  • Select the Code view icon from the invite creation rich text editor options.

  • You can now highlight and delete the existing HTML code and replace it with your own HTML design.

IMPORTANT - If you would like to add and place our auto generated guest QR code within your design please use the following design instructions.

HTML manipulation of an invite QR code

  • barcodeBox (class) contains both template_barcode (class), which is the barcode itself and barcodeString (class) which is the barcode string and finally barcodeName (class) which is the guests name

  • You can manipulate all of these elements to place the barcode where you would like.

  • You manipulate the above elements inside <style> tags at top of the HTML editor.

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