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Barcode scan mode - front facing camera self scanning
Barcode scan mode - front facing camera self scanning

A help guide explaining how to set up the Qflow check-in app for guest self check-in barcode scanning.

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We make it easy for your guests to check themselves into your event.

For self check-in:

• Go to the Settings area on the Qflow check-in app

• Toggle on SCAN MODE settings Front facing camera & Kiosk self check-in

• Return to the Scan window and press the blue Tap to scan button to initiate the self scan camera window.

Guest's simply display their barcode (on mobile or paper), place the barcode image within the camera frame and wait for the scan to initiate. Once scanned a scan result is displayed:

  • A successful scan - a green success tick + success beep and a prompt to proceed into your event.

  • An unsuccessful scan - a failed red cross + unsuccessful buzz and a prompt to seek a member of staff, who can manually search and admit the guest via the app's search functions.

Problem scans may occur when:

- Mobile phone screen is damaged.

- Mobile phone screen brightness is set to below 50%.

- Guests present damaged or badly printed paper ticket.

- A guest presents a barcode that is not recognised for the event.

Recommended on-site check-in set up

We recommend using latest model iOS or Android tablets / phones for self scan check-in. This will ensure optimum scanning performance and a fluid check-in experience for your guests.

We also advice using desktop stands and/or kiosk style floor stands to house your tablets.

Logging out of Kiosk self check-in mode

  • Select Staff logout link (top right on the scan window.

  • Enter the required Qflow account information (this is usually the user email address) and select the log out button.

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