Simply place your mobile device in a desktop stand and scan your guest barcodes without checkin app interaction (contactless).

For continuous barcode scanning:

• Go to the Settings area on the Qflow check-in app

• Switch on SCAN MODE Front facing camera & SCAN MODE Continuous scan

• Return to the Scan window and press the blue Tap to scan button to initiate the continuous scan camera window.

PLEASE NOTE - For standard continuous barcode scanning (rear camera)

  • Switch on SCAN MODE Continuous scan

  • Switch off SCAN MODE Front facing camera

Problem scans may occur when:

- Mobile phone screen is damaged.

- Mobile phone screen brightness is set to below 50%.

- Guests present damaged or badly printed paper ticket.

Recommended on-site check-in set up

We recommend using latest model iOS or Android tablets / phones for self scan check-in options. This will ensure you have optimum scanning performance and a fluid check-in experience for your guests.

We also advice using desktop stands and/or kiosk style floor stands to house your tablets.

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