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Creating a test event and sending your self a test barcoded invite (NEW USER)
Creating a test event and sending your self a test barcoded invite (NEW USER)
A simple step-by-step guide to testing out Qflow's barcoded invite scanning.
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To test a barcoded invite live:

Create an event, an e-invite associated to the event and sending the e-invite.

  • Create an event by selecting the blue Create event button and run through adding an event name, start and end time.

  • Now add yourself as a guest by selecting the Guest_Create Guest button. Simply add your full name and hit ok.

  • Now add your email in the email field and also create an ID tag that the system can use to send the test invite too. You add a tag by selecting the blue Add tag link on the right hand side under the tags field. IMPORTANT - make sure you select the blue Save button to save all the guest profile fields.

  • Now go back to the event by clicking the event name in the upper part of the screen.

  • Select the Invite button to create your Invite.

  • You'll now be taken to your created default Invite template. Don't worry about editing the invite as this is just for test purposes.

  • Now scroll down and select the Save and continue button.

  • You'll then be taken to the pre-send area. Select the PDF format tick box and then click inside the white field at the top which says Select inside it.

  • Select the tag (the one you created). This will now only send the Invite to you, as you have this tag ID against your guest profile.

  • Now select the Send button.

  • Your invite will then be scheduled to send.

  • Your invite will quickly moderated by us and then sent out. This will occur quite quickly.

  • Your invite will now be sent to your Inbox as a PDF attachment including a unique scan code.

Now go to your app store and download the iOS Qflow for events checkin app or the Android Qflow for events checkin app.

  • Once downloaded go through the onboarding slides and select 'I have an account already'

  • Log into your account using your user email and password.

  • Select the test event to download the checkin data.

  • Now select the Tap to Scan button, hoover over the QR code on screen on the PDF ticket and successfully scan the invite code.

  • You can then scan the code again to test the duplicate scan function.

    This is a very simple test of Qflow's functionality. There is much more to the app in terms of guest list management, scan modes, invite branding / person guest inserts (name, ticket types, guest notes etc.

    You can go to our support channel via the Help centre tab on the top of your web dashboard, there you'll find a comprehensive set of help videos and quick fire articles. Just use the search function to find related queries -

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