Brother QL-1110NWB printer labels

Details on which labels to use and a step by step guide on how to load them.

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Please purchase Brother DK-22251 label roll (continuous length paper) for use with the Qflow label printing function - Product reference link

To load the Brother DK-22251 label roll into your Brother printer, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the printer cover: Lift the top cover of the printer to access the label compartment.

  2. Remove the existing label roll (if applicable): If there is already a label roll in the printer, gently lift the release lever to remove the current roll.

  3. Prepare the DK-22251 label roll: Take the DK-22251 label roll out of its packaging. Ensure that the roll is free from any damage or tangles in the label stock.

  4. Insert the label roll: Insert the DK-22251 label roll into the printer, aligning it with the label guides. Make sure that the leading edge of the roll is positioned correctly and is threaded between the guides.

  5. Thread the label roll: Pull the leading edge of the label stock towards the front of the printer. Thread it through the printer's built-in cutter, if applicable, and ensure that the label stock is positioned correctly.

  6. Close the printer cover: Carefully lower the printer cover until it clicks into place. Ensure that the cover is securely closed to prevent any dust or debris from entering the printer.

  7. Adjust the label holder: If your DK-22251 label roll includes a removable label holder, adjust it to hold the label roll in place securely. Refer to the instructions provided with the label roll or check the printer's user manual for specific guidance on using the label holder.

That's it! Your Brother printer should now be loaded with the Brother DK-22251 label roll. You can now proceed with printing labels using your printer and the loaded label roll. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, please consult the printer's user manual or reach out to Brother's customer support for assistance.

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