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Qflow for events on-site guest badge label printing
An overview of the Qflow event name badge printing feature (Windows only).
An overview of the Qflow event name badge printing feature (Windows only).

A guide to how the badge printing feature works, the printer requirements and setup process.

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  1. A6 pre-printed name badges - the badge must include the required space to attach the printed name badge label. The label includes custom guest attributes of name, two additional fields such as company, company position and a QR code for both validation checkin and lead generation.

2. A Windows PC running the Chrome browser or Firefox browser

Guest data management

Formatting your guest list data file.

Guest badges can include up to three guest attributes - the guest name and two additional fields i.e company and/or company position. Please note - the QR scan code is auto generated at the printing stage.

When creating your guest data upload file (.csv or excel) please include separate columns for each of the required name badge attributes (see below example). We suggest adding the required column header ID's to the file too, these can be used as a reference point when matching the data during the import process into your Qflow event.

The fields allocated for badge printing alongside your normal import process are as follows. You can leave out certain fields if they're not required to be added to the badge label.

  • First and Last name

  • Tags - This field is dedicated to group ID's such as Speaker, Staff, VIP, Company name.

  • Guest Notes - This field is dedicated to guest specific information such as Profession or Company position.

Simply column match your data accordingly when importing into your Qflow event. Then when you opt to print a name badge, the name badge will display your guest's ID information as expected.

Connecting the Brother printer to your computer

There are two steps required to get you ready to print your on-site name badges

2. Installing the b-pac browser extension for the Brother printer

Once both the printer and browser extension is installed you'll be ready to print your guest name badges!

Printing an on-site name badge

Once your guest data has been imported into your Qflow event and your Windows computer is connected to your Brother printer, it's quick and easy to print your on-site name badge labels.

1. Log into your Qflow event on your web dashboard.

2. Search for the guest who requires a badge label.

3. Select the Print Badge button on the guest profile page.

4. Wait for the guest badge label to be printed, peel the label and attach to your pre-printed event badge.

Please note - the QR scan code can be scanned for checkin scan validation entry as well as for lead generation. For lead generation the Qflow for events checkin app must be set to SCAN MODE - List builder codes via the Settings area.

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