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Sending your invites instantly - KYC (know your customer) process
Sending your invites instantly - KYC (know your customer) process

To send your invites instantly and unmoderated users need to pass our secure KYC process.

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Users can instantly send Invites once they have passed our KYC identity security check. This is managed by our payments and security partner Stripe.

The process involves the registration of your photo ID.

  • Your ID is captured with your device camera.

  • Once a clear image is captured Stripe will run a quick validation check against the ID.

  • Once the validation process is successfully completed, you can then send your invite instantly without Qflow moderation.

Please note - you can opt out of the KYC process and continue sending moderated Invites. Moderation is processed between 8AM - 10PM GMT and will take between 5-15 mins to be completed per invite sent. Once the moderation process is completed your invites will be automatically sent without any further intervention from the user.

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