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Check-in & Check-out process explained
Check-in & Check-out process explained

A quick fire walk through for manual (name search) check-in & check-out using the Qflow check in app

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There are a number of ways of checking in and checking out your guests. Here's a breakdown:

  • Manual name search (lead name and optional Plus 1 guests)

  1. Select the Guest list icon in the app footer.

  2. Tap inside the search bar above the list of guests.

  3. Start typing some guest information i.e. their name (first or last) or initials.

  4. When you're happy that the instant result listed below is the guest in question, tap the result.

  5. You'll now be taken into the guests profile, where you can tap the blue checkin button to finalise their checkin.

  6. If you make a mistake you can clear the guest check-in (and / or check-out) in the dashboard by clicking clear check-in.

Please note - within a guest profile you can:

  • Check a guests group ID Tags - These are display within the Tag section.

  • Delete and add guest group ID Tags - Tap the blue X on the righthand side of a Tag to delete. Tap the blue Add Tag text icon to choose and add any additional available group ID Tags.

  • Checkin a guests additional Plus 1 guests - Simply tap the Plus 1 (+) or (-) icons.

  • Check and update a guests notes - Tap the Edit / View Guest Notes and tap within the text field to amend the guest notes field.

  • Barcode scanning - Use the advanced Qflow checkin app camera scanner for rapid and secure validation scanning of your barcoded tickets/invites.

  1. Tap the Scan icon in the app footer.

  2. Tap the blue Tap to scan button to open the scanner window.

  3. Hover over the ticket / invite barcode and wait for the camera to focus and scan the barcode.

  4. A successful scan will result in an onscreen tick with an audio beep. Plus onscreen guest information will be displayed including name, checked in time stamp and assigned group ID Tags.

Please note - If a barcoded is scanned that is not based on your imported barcode set i.e a barcode from an airline ticket (this happens), the result will be an onscreen alert displaying 'No Barcode Found' with an audible negative buzz.

IMPORTANT - Qflow will auto detect if a barcode has already been scanned. The scan result will be an onscreen alert displaying 'Already Scanned' with an audible negative buzz. We also provide the time stamp of the original scan time. This allows the host to advise the guest of when the original ticket entered.

  • Continuous scan (rear camera) - Self scan & Assisted scanning - Set up your device in a stand or cradle (box office scenario) and simply allow your guests to pass their ticket barcode image in front of the scan window. Alternatively you can scan a guests ticket on their behalf without the need to touch your device.

  1. Go to the Settings area on the Qflow check-in app

  2. Switch on SCAN MODE Continuous scan

  3. Return to the Scan window and press the blue Tap to scan button to initiate the continuous scan camera window.

PLEASE NOTE - For Continuous scanning (front facing camera)

  • Additionally enable SCAN MODE Front facing camera via the Settings area.

  • Self check-in (front facing camera scanning) - Set up your device in self scan mode and allow your guests to display and scan their own ticket without any staff intervention.

  1. Go to the Settings area on the Qflow check-in app

  2. Disable SCAN MODE Continuous scan

  3. Enable SCAN MODE Front facing camera & Kiosk self check-in.

  4. Return to the Scan window and press the blue Tap to scan button to initiate the self scan camera window.

Guest's simply display their barcode (on mobile or paper), place the barcode image within the camera frame and wait for the scan to initiate. A scan result will be displayed:

  • A successful scan - a green success tick + success beep and a prompt to proceed into your event.

  • An unsuccessful scan - a failed red cross + unsuccessful buzz and a prompt to seek a member of staff, who can manually search and admit the guest via the app's search functions.

Please note - Enable the Check out mode within the Qflow Settings area (see below reference image) to seamlessly check out your guests based on all the above options.

Guests will automatically be marked as checked out (not currently at your event) and can be re-checked in at any point thereafter. Their checked in time stamp will be overwritten upon being checked back in. All guest entry and exit history is stored within their history log.

IMPORTANT - Please make sure to have your entry point devices in standard checkin mode (the check out setting turned off).

Problem scans may occur when:

  1. Mobile phone screen is damaged.

  2. Mobile phone screen brightness is set to below 50%.

  3. Guests present damaged or badly printed paper ticket.

  4. A guest presents a barcode that is not recognised for the event.

Recommended on-site check-in/out set up

We recommend using latest model iOS or Android tablets / phones for self scan check-in/out. This will ensure optimum scanning performance and a fluid check-in/out experience for your guests.

We also advice using desktop stands and/or kiosk style floor stands to house your tablets.

Logging out of Kiosk self check-in/out mode

  • Select Staff logout link (top right on the scan window).

  • Enter the required Qflow account information (this is usually the user email address) and select the log out button.

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