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Adding a single guest (one-by-one)
Adding a single guest (one-by-one)

A guide to adding a single guests (one-by-one) via your web dashboard.

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1. Select the My events tab to take you to your event listings page.

2. Access the event by clicking on the event title in the listings.

3. Select the Add guest button followed by the Add guest button on the pop up.

4. Enter the guest's first and last name in the fields provided.

5. Select the Add guest button to complete the process.

6. Once you have created a guest you will automatically be given access the guest profile page.

7. You have number of optional information that can be added here. Other Name, Email Address, Barcode, Plus 1’s and Additional information.

8. Select the Updat guest button situated on the bottom right of the page to complete the update process.

Qflow for events dashboard - Adding a Guest One-by-One)

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