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Group tickets - How to upload and check-in group tickets.
Group tickets - How to upload and check-in group tickets.

Here we show you how to upload group ticket sales data and the check-in routine.

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Guest data spreadsheet admin
For group bookings your guest data (a .csv or Excel file) must include: 

  • A column header for your group ticketed guests - this column needs to be marked with the word True on each group guest lead name row cell.

  • A column header for Plus 1's - this column represents the additional number of guests against a lead name guest. Please only add the number of additional guests in the form of a number i.e the number 3 for three additional plus 1 guests.

Data importing - Spreadsheet data upload routine for group ticket check-in.

  • Column match the ticket data as normal but for the group column make sure to match it to the Is Group drop down option (in the advanced section).

  • Column match the additional group ticket quantity to the Plus 1's option.


Qflow for events Check-in app - Group check-in
(all present / not all present / late group member arrival)

Qflow for events Check-in app routine for group guest (check-in all and uncheck late arrivals)

  • Check-in all guests from a single scan - Upon scanning the lead name barcode all additional guests will be checked in automatically too.

Group member(s) not present (after scanning the group ticket)

  • Tap the on-screen lead ticket name displayed after the successful ticket scan. 

  • You will then be inside the lead guest profile.

  • Now de-admit the number of additional guests via the minus ( - ) Plus 1 toggle. 

  • This will reduce the total group number checked in by the amount of times you select the ( - ) Plus 1 button.

  • Tap the back button top left to return to the guest list.

Group member check-in after main group has been admitted.

  • Search for the lead guest name via the search bar.

  • Tap the listed name result to access their profile.

  • Select the Plus 1 plus ( + ) button and admit the additional group guest late arrival.

  • Select the back button top left to return to the scan or other app screens.

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