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Filter ticket/guest lists for restricted attendee check-in.
Filter ticket/guest lists for restricted attendee check-in.

Restrict check-in to successfully scan or manually checkin certain ticket and guests types only. Perfect for restricted access points.

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  1. Select the Filter tab. This is listed in the header of the Scan and Guest list tabs.

  2. Select the Deselect all button.

  3. Select the filter(s) you would like to use from the Unselected filters list.

  4. Return to the Scan or Guest list page via the back arrow (top left).

  5. You will see a filter banner appear, indicating that your ticket / guest list checkin data is now filtered based on the selected filters.

  6. When you return to your filter area all selected filters will appear above any unselected filters.

Please note - any tickets or guests who do not fall under the selected filters will not be found during a scan or guest name search.

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