Session Qflow for events check-in mode

How to filter the Qflow for events check-in app for in-venue session check-in.

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  1. Log into your event on the check-in app

  2. Go to the Guestlist tab.

  3. Select the Filter text link top right.

  4. Select Deselect all.

  5. Toggle the appropriate zone tag to the On position.

  6. Go back to the Scan screen and commence check-in.

Filtering the check-in to another session

  1. Go to the Filter page via the Guestlist tab.

  2. Deselect the completed session zone tag by toggling to the Off position.

  3. Toggle the next session zone tag to the On position.

  4. Go back to the Scan page and commence check-in.

Please note - The above filtering process also applies to manual name look up check-in.

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