Additional characters are sometimes added into your barcode output data supplied by your ticketing or registration platform. Ordinarily this would cause a failed scan due to the barcode data not matching the barcode image.

We have added a check-in app command routine to achieve a successful scan even if your data has extra characters within the code string (the barcode number).

Here's how to set up a command:

  • Log into your event on the Qflow check-in app

  • Go to the Settings tab (far right tab)

  • Select the text command link in the page header

  • Type into the command format into the command field:

Command format 

  • Start by adding the text bmap

  • Add a space and then add an ID name for the command, such as the name of the ticketing company.

  • Add a space after the ID name and then add the number of characters you would like to ignore from the beginning of the barcode number.

  • Add another space after the first number and add the number of characters you would like to ignore from the end of the barcode number.¬†

Example command - bmap TicketShop 3 1

  • Now select the blue Go button to add the command.

  • Return to the Scan screen and commence scanning.

Amending saved commands

To delete a command add - bmap clear (space) your ID name

To delete all commands add - bmap (space) clear

Show all current commands add - bmap (on its own)

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