Guest list builder explained.
Turn your standard Qflow for events invite QR codes into powerful Guest list builder codes.
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Guest list builder QR codes are optional scan codes that contain not just a unique entry barcode number but also all associated guest attributes listed in a guest profile such as guest name, entry barcode number, registration or guest ID tags and any additional guest access information.

You can opt to generate these codes during the Qflow for events invite creation process.

These QR codes are automatically added to your Qflow for events e-invites.

Each QR code scan via the assigned check-in app will automatically read and generate an additional trackable attendee list that includes all guest names and profiles. 

Attendees can continually present and scan the QR code at pre-assigned event access points including:

  • Secure event level check-in scanning. 

  • Session / zone access by registration or guest type.

  • Open sessions.

  • Voucher redemption.

  • Potential lead's and/or specific product interest points.

Events utilising Guest list builder can seamlessly manage event and session access while monitoring and tracking event and session level performance in real time.

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