Generating your own guest QR scan codes

A short guide to creating your own QR code (images and data) that can then be used for scanning with Qflow.

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Many Qflow users need to create QR scan codes for their own print media (tickets, membership cards, event badges etc). Qflow does not provider this service as it's extremely simple and 100% free to do this via an online QR code generator service.

For users to utilise print media barcodes:

- Generate your own non-sequential barcode numbers and images via a free online service or such as

- Use this data / images on your print media including adding your guest names against each unique barcode record.

- Create an event in Qflow and then upload your guest barcode data file including the barcode numbers.

- Use the Qflow check in app to securely scan and track your guests via your barcodes print media.

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