How does my billing work?

A quick run down of our cost structure and how our subscription service works.

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Our monthly subscription plans based on territory are:

Starter Plan (Monthly) £19.99 / $29.99 / 24.99

  • Up to 1500 guest management (check-ins / e-invites) per calendar month

  • Including unlimited checkin events and unlimited devices (the checkin app).

Professional Plan (Monthly) £199.99 / $279.99 / 229.99

  • Unlimited guest management (check-ins / e-invites) per calendar month.

  • Including unlimited checkin events and unlimited devices (the checkin app).

Please note - There is a 50% discount when opting for an Annual Professional plan. This is offered during the upgrade process.

*Annual plans are not available for Starter plan users.

Canceling your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time during a subscription period with your billing cycle automatically stopped at the end of your current active subscription. Once your subscription expires your account will be automatically reverted back to a free non billing cycle plan. Users still have full access to their Qflow accounts to view historical event checkin data.

Important - Qflow is a self subscription service and users are required to self manage their subscription. Please be aware that if you only need Qflow for a short period i.e 1 month please make sure to select the Cancel my plan option during the month in question. Otherwise your subscription will roll over into an additional fee paying month.

Pro rata subscription upgrading and download

Our advanced billing system takes into account any unused plan time costs when upgrading or downgrading during a subscription period. At the point of payment we'll always add a credit against your plan fees.

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