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Creating Check-in admin team members
Creating Check-in admin team members

How to create admin level access team members.

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Trusted checkin team members can be granted additional event admin access rights. This allows them to access and admin a checkin event via their Qflow web dashboard and Qflow checkin app.

To create a Check-in admin team member and assign them access rights to your event.

  • Ask your team member to create a free Qflow admin account via the Free Qflow account sign up

  • Once their account has been created you can then assign your team member to an event via the Team button on your web dashboard event page.

  • Once assigned to an event your Check-in admin team member can log into their Qflow web dashboard where your event will be listed and accessible through their event listings page.

Check-in admins are listed separately above your checkin team members inside your Team page.

Please note - Checkin admins are automatically granted access to the event via the Qflow for events checkin app.

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