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Eventbrite & MailChimp - Qflow ticket plugins
Eventbrite & MailChimp - Qflow ticket plugins

Allow Qflow to quickly access and transfer your Eventbrite data in one click!

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The Qflow - Eventbrite plugin process

  1. Select the Add guests>Import guests button on your Qflow event web dashboard.

  2. Click on the Eventbrite logo in the upper part of the Import page.

  3. Select the Allow button. This will link your Eventbrite account to Qflow.

  4. Your active Eventbrite event(s) will now be listed within your Qflow event.

  5. Click on the appropriate event. Your ticket data will then be transferred into your Qflow event.

  6. At this point you can add optional group ID tags by selecting the Tag this import button. *Please note - You will also need to add a group ID tag at the final import stage.

  7. Select the Import guests button.

  8. Select an existing Tag from the upper drop down or create a new Tag by clicking inside the lower field and adding the Tag name.

  9. Select the Import guests button to complete the import process.

Importing your event ticket data directly from your Eventbrite account.

The Qflow - Mailchimp plugin process

To import your data from your Mailchimp account please select the Mailchimp logo on the Import guests page and follow the same user flow as the Eventbrite process.

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