What are guest group tags?

Add Tags to groups of guests. Useful of filtering. Send invites to segments of your guestlist and understand in-depth attendee statistics.

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Tag’s are group labels that can be added to any guest or list of guests. They allow you to group guests based on attributes such as the name of a guest list, your guests status such as VIP's, concessions, back stage pass, which ticket type, which entry zone, by ticket seller name etc. 

This gives you the added ability to perform:

  • In-depth guest searches

  • Create attendee statistics based on your own set of tags.

  • Send Invites to either your whole list or just preferred segments of your list.

This flexible smart tagging function can be applied to most check-in related situations where users need to identify or filter their customer lists by group or type.

Perfect for:

  • Tour operators 

  • Conference sessions

  • Event accreditation (artist / crew)

  • Guest list status (VIP's, Concessions etc)

  • Table reservations details

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