What are guest notes?

Quickly add and update guest specific notes via the Qflow for events check-in app or web dashboard.

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Guest notes are guest specific notes that can be added against a guests profile and referenced via the search function on the Qflow for events check-in app. This allows check-in staff to have unique-to-guest notes at their finger tips, allowing them to familiarise themselves with a guest based on pre loaded notes.

Using the Qflow for events Check-in app:

  • Tap on a searched name or scanned name result. 

  • Tap on the blue Guest notes button. 

  • Here you can reference existing guest notes or select and amend a guests notes in real time.

Using the Qflow for events Web Dashboard:

  • Select an event from your event list.

  • Search for a guest via the lower search filter window. 

  • Click on the desired guest to view their profile

  • Select the Guest notes field and add notes that are specific to the guest.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also bulk import guest notes during the import process. Simply add a guest notes column header to your spreadsheet and your guest note on the appropriate guest row cells.

Make sure during the import routine that you match this column header with the Guest notes option from our column matching drop down. 

GOOD TIP! - You can search by guest notes on the check-in app! Just go to the More tab (far right) and switch the Search by Guest notes toggle to the on position. 

When you return to the guest list search screen you will now be able to list search display results based on your guest note text.

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