Tallies are empty lists linked to a counter that can be used on the Qflow for events web dashboard and/or the Qflow for events check-in app. Every tapped in addition on a Tally list is automatically added to your in-venue total. Giving you 100% accurate attendee statistics at all times.

Perfect for:

  • Walk up sales (by type)

  • Cash payment reconciliation¬†

  • Admitted rep sales (by name)

How to create a tally on the check-in app

  1. Select the Guest list tab.

  2. Select the Tallies link from the screen header.

  3. Select the Add tally button.

  4. Enter the name for your tally in the pop up box and select Add.

  5. Your newly created tally will appear listed.

  6. To add a guest or item to your tally tap the (+) icon.

Useful Link

A bitesize tutorial on tallies.

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