1. Select the My event tab to take you to your event listings page.

2. Access the event by clicking on the event title in the listings.

3. Select the lower search bar where it states Search by name or details... and enter the guest name or initials to locate the guest.

4. Select the guest by clicking on the name. You will then arrive on the guest profile page.

5. Select the blue Add tags link situated under the righthand side of the Tags box.

7. A pop up will appear. To create a guest tag enter a name in the Create a new tag field and select Add tag.

*If you have tag(s) created for the event already and would like to add an existing tag to a guest, select the dropdown titled Select a tag followed by the required tag. To complete the process select the Add tag button.

8. The created or selected tag will appear in the Tags box. You have now added a guest Tag!

PLEASE NOTE: You can add more than one Tag to a guest by repeating this process. To delete a tag click the ‘X’ in the top left hand corner of the created tag.

Qflow Dashboard - 90 second video on tagging your guests

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