Adding and deleting guest tags

It's quick and easy to add group tags to your guests, giving you insightful attendee figures.

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  • Click the My event tab to take you to your event listings page.

  • Access the event by clicking on an event title in the listing.

  • Click inside the lower search bar where it states Search by name or details... and enter the guest name or initials to locate the guest.

  • Guest name results will automatically be listed as you type.

  • Click on the desired guest name result to access their profile.

  • Click the blue Add tags link situated under the righthand side of the Tags box.

  • A pop up will appear. To create a guest tag enter a name in the Create a new tag field and click Add tag.

*If you have tag(s) created for the event already and would like to add an existing tag to a guest, click the dropdown titled Select a tag followed by the required tag. To complete the process select the Add tag button.

  • The created or selected tag will appear in the Tags box. You have now added a guest Tag!

  • Finally click the Save changes button to complete the update.

PLEASE NOTE: You can add more than one Tag to a guest by repeating this process. To delete a tag click the ‘X’ in the top left hand corner of the created tag.

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