Blocking and unblocking a guest

For guests who are under investigation or need blocking from your event.

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1. Select the MY EVENTS tab to take you to your event listings page.

2. Access the event by clicking on the event title in the listings.

3. Click inside the lower search bar titled SEARCH BY NAME OR DETAILS..

4. Enter a guest by name, initial or details.

5. Click on the guest name in the search results to enter the guest profile.

6. Select the BLOCK button and enter a reason for the block (this will appear on the app when the guest attempts to check-in). Select the BLOCK GUEST button to complete the blocking process.

7. The guest is now blocked and will appear with a NO ENTRY ICON next to their name with an UNBLOCK button option.

*To unblock the guest select the UNBLOCK button followed by the UNBLOCK button displayed in the pop up.

Qflow for events dashboard - How to block a guest

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