How do I test my barcode data?

Make sure your ticket data is correctly imported by test scanning a guests barcode in your Qflow for events dashboard.

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To quickly test that your ticket barcode data has been correctly uploaded or entered:

1. Select the blue Test this barcode link below the barcode number.

2. Select the barcode image type from the drop down. You will notice as you select the barcode type the barcode image will be displayed on-screen.

3. Next log into your event on the check-in app. Once logged in select the Scan tab and then press the blue Tap to scan button to open the scanning window on the app.

4. Now place the on-screen barcode approximately 8 to 10 cm away within the scan window on the check-in app and wait for the app to successfully scan the barcode.

IMPORTANT: You may need to pull the app away or move it slightly closer to the screen to ensure the scanner finds the correct focus.

Once successfully scanned you'll see a success tick and hear a beep if you have the sound enabled.

PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have scanned the barcode successfully please remember to un-check the guest using the Check out button on the guest profile pag on the web dashboard.

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