Checkout - Checking out a guest by rescanning their barcode

Checking out a guest by rescanning a guests barcoded ticket or invite.

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  1. Log into the Qflow check-in app and download your event check-in data

  2. Check your device is in Scan checkout mode. This is represented by a Checkout mode icon listed on the Ready to scan screen.

  3. Select the Scan tab.

  4. Select the Tap to scan button o open the scanner window.

  5. Place the barcode approximately 6 to 10 cm away from your device and within the on-screen scan frame.

  6. Wait until the camera auto focuses and you hear a success beep with an accompanying onscreen tick. This represents a successful scan. 

  7. Select the Tap to scan button to repeat the process.

*Unmatched or duplicate barcode scans are represented by a negative buzz sound and an onscreen X. Details of the original barcode scan time stamp are displayed for the hosts reference.

Please note - the check-in app will need to be in Check out mode prior to rescanning a guests barcode. 

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