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Creating a check in event from scratch
Creating a check in event from scratch

A quick overview of how to create a check in event.

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Creating a check in event

  1. Log into your Qflow web dashboard via

  2. Select the blue Create event button.

  3. Add a name and a start and end time for your event. Then select the blue Create button.

  4. You'll now be taken to your created event page where you can begin adding your guests and optionally managing your checkin team.

Adding guests (one-by-one / bulk guest list importing)

Adding a single guest

  1. Select the Guest button>Create Guest button

  2. Add your guests full name into the name field popup and select the Create guest button

  3. Your guest has now been created and added to your checkin event.

  4. You have many optional additional guest attributes (information fields) that can be added to your guest profiles including email address, Plus 1's, Group ID tags, Guest specific details (Guest notes).

  5. PLEASE NOTE - Once you've added further attributes to a guest profile please select the blue Save button to save all changes.

Importing a list of guests

(Before importing) how to correctly format your guest list file.

  • Please make sure your Excel or .CSV file name has no unusual characters such as *:{} 😃 emojis etc. This can cause the file to be rejected at the final import stage.

  • All cells within a file column/row must only contain one guest attribute type. These can be split using a comma to separate them.

  • Guest attributes we provide include First Name, Last Name, Full name, Email, Ticket Type, Guest notes etc. This ensures that during the import process you will be able to correctly match and import each column based on the available Qflow guest attribute options - options include:

  • Prefix (Mr. Mrs. Miss. Dr. Lord. Lady)

  • Name (FirstLast / First / Last / Other)

  • Email address

  • Barcode (for your ticket / registration barcode data)

  • ID tags (Session, Status i.e VIP, Staff)

  • Ticket Type i.e General admission, Weekend, One day only etc

Useful tip - Add column headers to your file that identify the column. This will allow you to easy match the column to the appropriate information field during the import process.

Importing your guest list file (Excel or .CSV only)

  1. Log into your Qflow web dashboard via

  2. Select a checkin event from the event listing.

  3. On the event page select the Guest button>Import guests button

  4. Drag your guest list file into the blue cloud icon import area in the middle of the page. You can also click inside the blue cloud area and search and import your file from your computer.

  5. Once the file is successfully uploaded you'll be automatically taken to the file importing page with the first column of your file displayed and ready to column match.

  6. Above the displayed column there is a drop down. Click the drop and select a guest attribute that matches with your first column header.

  7. Now select the next button.

  8. Repeat this process until you reach the final column.

  9. Select the green Import button.

  10. Finally add a list ID tag and select Import. A list ID tag is important ,as it allows Qflow to target this section of your guest list when sending e-invites.

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