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Qflow for events - Frequently Asked Questions
Qflow for events - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a collection of answers to our most asked questions about Qflow for events

Generating your own guest QR scan codes
Creating a checkin event, a test invite & sending a barcoded test invite including a scan QR code (NEW USER)
How does Qflow generate QR codes?
Guest list builder explained.
Qflow for events integration for ticket selling partners (Eventcube)
How do I revert my subscription back to a free (non billing cycle) account?
How do I export my event attendee data?
How do I switch events on the Qflow for events check-in app?
Changing the time zone of an event
What information do I put in the barcode column of my data import?
How does your badge printing service work?
Group tickets - How to upload and check-in group tickets.
Can I still access my event data after I've cancelled my subscription plan?
If I loose my internet connection will the Qflow for events check-in app still run on my device?
How do I edit an Invite?
What happens if I hit my subscription plan limit?
Is Qflow for events free to use?
How do I test my barcode data?
My event is not displaying on the Qflow for events check-in app?
What are guest group tags?
What are guest notes?
What is the Qflow for events guestlist template?
Can Qflow for events handle my large scale event?
What happens to my guest data if my account is reverted back to a free account?
Does the Qflow for events check in app sync and work with other mobile devices?
What about security, how safe is my data?
Should I update the operating system on my device before using Qflow for events?
What Web Browser should I use for the Qflow for events web dashboard?
How do check-in team member notifications work?
How do check-in team member restrictions work?
How do I download the Qflow for events guest list template?
How do I set up check-in team members?
How does my billing work?
Creating and managing event tallies